FFXI: The RDM/SCH vs SCH/RDM (or SCH/WHM) Debate

So chatting with a RDM buddy of mine about the upcoming FFXI patch had me thinking… What are going the pro’s and con’s of level 80 going to be, what with granting RDM access to Accession (And Manifestation, but I’ll cover that later)?

RDM/SCH: Oh awesome! We can Accession Refresh/Haste and not have to single cast now!

SCH/WHM: So, after 3 minutes when both wear, what are you going to do? You can’t re-accession both, and letting them drop for a minute is slowing potential.

Well, basically saying…

RDM/SCH, sure, you get to Accession now. But you get only 2 charges, at a 2 minute recast. And Refresh/Haste only last 3 minutes. If you want to keep one fully Accessioned, you have to single target one of them. In a Mage party, probably would be Haste single. Melee, Refresh single (Seeing as only you and MAYBE the BRD and/or COR have MP). Mix party… Have fun!

SCH/WHM, well we don’t get Refresh yet. Sorry. Well, we could /RDM and Convert and have unlimited MP on SCH (My dream…), but then we don’t get Haste… Yet. Dumb yet’s. Well, it does mean a SCH can actually get melee burn invites now and do damn well (Assuming no PL of course). Oh, and it means we can keep it up fulltime. Even at 96 (99, but 96 is when /RDM gets Haste), we’ll be able to fulltime Hastega and Refreshga. Why? Well, assuming SE keeps the trend… SCH gets their 5th charge at 90. 45 second recast! Oh man… Even now, we’ll be able to fulltime it, thanks to the 1 minute recast. Just have to be Charge-cautious (I have issues with this in certain situations…)

So, let’s add into ALL this… Manifestation. AoE Black Magic. RDM now gets Sleepga II, but at the cost of one of two precious charges, AND triple recast (Double recast Sleepga II is horrid enough!) SCH, unless I’m forgetting something, will have the same stuff as before. Though, when we are /WHM doing support, we do lose out on Graviga and… pretty much all debuffs except the non-aoeable’s.

My thought is? They will be equal, and depend on the player. It’ll depend on the party. RDM will take a potential job from SCH in the tank party, assuming they know how to work charges. SCH will take a job from RDM in the BLM party… In any case. Well, except during Stun rotations and they need Haste for Stunning… But Haste can be cast from outside so thats moot.

I’ll still love my SCH, and I may be a bit more hopeful looking into the future of FFXI now, but we’ll see how this all pans out.

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