Game of the Week

Well, first, being as this is the first week of being back… I decided, hey why not! Why not make a GotW section? It can be anything, it could be multiple games! It could simply be what I randomly decided to pick up recently and play…

This week, I’ve decided old-school is good. Oh and maybe a little new school.

Final Fantasy IX

Originally released on the Playstation, FFIX was a call back to its roots. It stole the hearts of people as they assumed the role of Zidane Tribal, a boy in search of his home… And maybe a girl or two (Or five) along the way. He is a part of the group Tantalus, which, as the game begins, is on the way to perform a show in Alexandria. You are quickly told that is not the whole story though…

After all these years, Final Fantasy IX is finally seeing a rerelease on the Playstation Network. Following in the steps of FFVII and FFVIII, FFIX is priced at $9.99 and will be available the second day of this years E3 event, June 15th! (Though, to those in Europe in Japan, it was released in the end of May.)

Voodoo Dice

Recently released on the NA PSN, XBL, and WiiWare. I picked this game up this week after giving the demo a shot. The game is a puzzle game, though in my opinion its all a mind game as you find yourself trying harder and harder to beat the elusive Voodoo Times (And wondering if its even possible!)

Voodoo Dice is priced at $9.99 on PSN (And I would assume equal pricing over at XBL and WiiWare).

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