The Version Update is coming! Level 80 and Vision of Abyssea await!

Flashback to February. Fanfest, Square-Enix throws us a curve ball. “Hey guys, after 6 1/2 years we’ve finally decided to give in and break the game! Err… Wait. We mean, you guys are going to be able to go to level 99!”

And then back to present time. June, 2010. With one update behind us, introducing VNM’s (Voidwalker Notorious Monsters) and a slew of new equipment (That is surprisingly… yup… Game breaking after 6 years), this update has been a long time coming. The first level cap in over 6 years.

Now as they had previously stated, the update IS being done in 3 parts. Makes sense, right? Let all these Maat’s Cap (SMN Burned 90%?) people reobtain their max levels, and of course the common folk too.

The first update is no let down. For the first time (at least in my memory of playing), they are performing a two-part update. The first part, patched in June 10th, was simply a teaser to those DAT Miners. 62MB later, we get a whole bunch of… Reskinned monsters and armor. All right! Just what we’ve been waiting for! Two new songs, along with some fancy-smancy new Job Ability animations were also in the findings.

All that’s well and good but of course, it’s not level 80 without the official announcement…

They said that they are finally raising the level cap to be able to provide us with more challenges in the game. We’ll see if that’s actually true though… It does come with some limitations though. So far, there will be no Afflatus Solace/Misery available to /WHM, as well as no Yonin/Innin to /NIN (Sorry THFs!)

Along with those Ability locks, there are two announced JA limitations, one being more of a shock than the other. Shadowbind will have an Accuracy check added, and Accession/Manifestation will Triple spell recasts instead of simply doubling them when used as a subjob.

As for Visions of Abyssea, not much is known, except for the reskinned monsters, and some kinda ugly weapons (Though some DO look nice…)

The June update is currently scheduled to take place June 21, 2010.

Pictures Source
FFXI Official Site
Visions of Abyssea Official Site

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