FFXI: The Walk of Echoes Beckons You!

Well folks, the announcement has finally been made… With part of it being a shock to me! Several parts in fact.

The new end-game area has been officially announced.

Walk of Echoes, following in true Wings of the Goddess fashion, will be a series of battlefields. Within each battlefield, you will find Campaign-esque monsters, without it being campaign. According to Square, monsters will be able to be attacked by anyone and everyone, and as such, loot will be available to all within that battlefield. Enemies will not be claimable as a result. As you conquer battlefields, more will become available with even greater foes.

Also in the footsteps of Campaign, said loot will be available only if your performance is deemed worthy (Sorry folks who DC a lot, sounds like this is Besieged/Campaign all over again! Looking at you Xbox 360…). As well as being based off how much you participated, you will receive further reward based on your current evaluation. Part of the rewards from Walk of Echoes will include all-new materials used in level 76 and above equipment.

All this is well and good, but how does one get in? Well..

  1. Must be level 70 or higher
  2. Must be past the Cait Sith Mission (Aka… Have access to Wings of the Goddess, and completed the first quest in nation storyline)

6 more days folks til the 6 years in the making update! Let’s hope the next few days provide us with a bit more insight, namely those job adjustments/updates!

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