Sony’s Conference Wraps Up: Square-Enix… Gets little airtime

Well for those who were watching the conference, you’ll have seen it. Square-Enix got very little airtime in comparison to other companies. Let’s take a look at this here…

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The game got a small mention and gameplay clip during the PSP segment. Not much shown at all.

The 3rd Birthday

Same as Birth by Sleep, mention during PSP segment, with a little gameplay. Otherwise, not much at all.

Final Fantasy XIV

The game got more mention than the previous two… With a roughly 1 minute trailer. That pretty much showed off Nobuo’s music, and some in-game cutscenes. It did confirm the presence of Moogles within FFXIV though!

Also released during the conference, the FFXIV Benchmark. Enjoy the opening scenes of traveling to Limsa Lominsa for the first time as it stress tests your PC. Or in my case, as it proves you need a new computer just cause your sound card is horrible.

Benchmark, and another link to the trailer (Incase youtube one is taken down):

 FFXIV Official Site

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