Final Fantasy XIV Dated with Boxart!

Well, the PC version at least. The PS3 version is still sitting with an unknown release date, possibly in March of next year. Guess Square-Enix forgot what “Simultaneous” means huh?

Along with a PC release date, Square-Enix announced a Collectors Edition. To myself, this pack isn’t really… Appealing. Possibly is for others. The pack includes:

  • Early Access code! (8 days prior to standard edition)
  • FFXIV Game Disc, Behind the scenes DVD, Buddy Pass Insert
  • "Right of Passage" voucher, In Game Item, Branded Security Token, and Travel Journal
  • Delivered by mail-Personalized and numbered "Right of passage" document

Look for Final Fantasy XIV PC to hit store shelves September 30, 2010, with the Collectors Edition to hit shelves the 22nd. Now, the fact this is a Thursday boggles me, but we’ll see… (In regards to the normal version)


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