Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections Track List released!

Enjoy! This will be one epic Soundtrack… Masashi Hamauzu is awesome.

  1. Lightning’s Theme ~ Blinded by Light
  2. FINAL FANTASY XIII – The Promise ~ The Sunleth Waterscape
  3. March of the Dreadnoughts
  4. The Gapra Whitewood
  5. Nautilus
  6. Vanille’s Theme ~ Memories of Happier Days ~ The Road Home
  7. Nascent Requiem
  8. Fang’s Theme
  9. Reminiscence – Sulyya Springs Motif
  10. Prelude to FINAL FANTASY XIII Full Version

March of the Dreadnoughts, Fang’s Theme, and Reminiscence – Sulyya Springs Motif are available as previews, and the full album will be released July 21, 2010! Look for it then at Square-Enix’s online store, Amazon Japan, and more than likely iTunes!

Listen the preview’s, and get more details, here:

Piano Collections "FINAL FANTASY XIII" Official Site

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