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Square-Enix posts TGS Trailers

Well, some TGS trailers have finally made their official posting from Square. Included among their first batch are Re: Coded, Dissidia, and SaGa 3, although Versus and Agito XIII have yet to be seen. You can find links to all the official sites for the trailers below!




Just as a note, unless Square-Enix posts the videos on their YouTube page, I won’t link them directly. Enjoy them (when they appear!) on the official sites for the games.

Square-Enix at TGS (Updated)

Tokyo Game Show has officially started, and it has started with a bang. It’s only Day 1, and thus only in the Business part of the show… That hasn’t stopped announcements from hitting the internet already! The announcements so far:

  • The 3rd Birthday has been dated for Japan, 12/22 at the price of 6090 Yen.  A trailer was shown during the Sony Press conference, though only a few pictures of it exist so far.

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix has also been (kind of) dated: January 2011. The game will be like all previous Final Mixes, featuring English Audio, and of course adding in a new super boss.

  • Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy (Or Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy) was also recently announced for the PSP. So far three new characters have been announced: Kain, Lightning, and Tifa (Haven’t seen any pictures of Tifa yet though, sure they’ll surface soon however). There will be additions to gameplay along with the added characters. Look for Dissidia 012 to hit stores in Japan next spring.

msft-tgs-live-0637 msft-tgs-live-0638   msft-tgs-live-0644 

  • Final Fantasy XIV PS3 was shown running in 3D, though I will for now label this as a Tech Demo til there is more proof that it will indeed support 3D. Look for FFXIV PS3 in March 2011, or FFXIV PC later this month!

  • At long last, Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII have news. Although, very little. Although there are no pictures of them yet, it is nice to finally hear something on these two games. For Agito, gameplay was shown of Chocobo’s in the field screen, and some combat gameplay. Versus showed of Noctis fighting a Behemoth, along with some ruins.
  • On the same note as Versus and Agito XIII, a Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference (“Fabula Conference”) has been scheduled for January 11, 2011.  Hopefully we’ll get some concrete on these two long overdue games… next year!
  • Square-Enix is also taking this opportunity to show off their latest merchandise, including the next set of Dissidia Final Fantasy Trading Arts, and the Final Fantasy XIII Collections Play Arts Kai Vol. 3.

Expect this to be updated at any time if there is a new announcement! And be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest info, or even to inform us of more TGS news!

Update: Square-Enix copyrighted the trailers. They’ll resurface though, sooner or later.

More Dissidia Duodecim news: Orphan’s Cradle stage, folks (Apologizes for quality)!


And, Tifa Lockhart:



Final Fantasy XIV: The upcoming Linkshell

FFXIV’s release date is fast approaching, and I think it is proper to finally make this post. I am planning on starting my own linkshell in FFXIV, and am looking for input on a final server to pick! Server names are subject to change obviously, but if they stay the same from Open Beta then well…

This Linkshell’s focus is on having FUN and being FRIENDLY and helpful. I know that ‘fun’ is a long-lost word in MMO’s, but I am focusing on this! Especially in the beginning, we will be focusing on helping each other out, exploring content, and various other things! The only requirement is that you must want to have fun and enjoy the game!

As a reflection, the linkshell name will be silly, and is something me and some friends have joked around about on MSN a lot. We shall either be the “Army Cuteness of Doom”, or “Cuteness of Doom”, depending on what is allowed.

Obviously, we’ll need some things. Such as people to repair armor. Personally, I’ll be exploring all the avenues of classes.

I do eventually plan on “trying” some endgame stuff, but again it will not be as a focus. The focus will be on having fun. If we wipe to a monster, so what? Get back up, try it again! After many, many (many…) years of FFXI, I’m ready to have fun in an MMO.

As-of now, there is no website or forums. Best method of contact would be via my Twitter. This may be in the works eventually, we’ll see.

I have setup a poll for the server selection, though there will eventually be some other things taken into consideration.

Hope to see people there, and I’ll stress it again. We are about having FUN and exploring the world, and maybe dying a few times to Notorious Monsters or to some Guildleves.

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Thus Far)

As many people know, the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta began on September 1, 2010. And from the start, the operations had some issues. Fighting the thousands of other people just to try and get an Open Beta Key, yes a key, for who knows how long. This was one of Square-Enix’s first mistakes with this Open Beta, in my own opinion. It is, after all, open.

So why am I writing this then? No, it’s not to rant and moan about how horrible this game is. Quite the opposite in fact, Final Fantasy XIV is a step up in the right direction from Final Fantasy XI. Don’t have a lot of time? Go ahead and play! With systems such as the Guildleve system (and yes, the Fatigue system, though I’ve personally barely researched that), casual (and just general solo) players are more than welcome to play Square’s newest MMO.

Let’s begin with the actual information here then…

The Good

I wouldn’t live it down if I did NOT mention Nobuo Uematsu’s music. After having been absent from the past few Final Fantasy games, he has returned and what a return it is! Final Fantasy XIV, if anything, should be hailed for its music. This OST is soon to become many peoples favorites (It’s already become one of mine!). With tracks such as Answers (sung by Susan Calloway) and Twilight Over Thanalan, the music is definitely at the top of the “Good” list for this game.

So what about some gameplay, right? Well, you start off by selecting one of the races: Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Miqo’te, or Roegadyn. You then choose one of two types, each race having its own type. The types determine your starting stats within the game, and what you’d have to compensate on if you wished to go play a class that may not be best suited for that type/race! I actually quite like this part, it gives you freedom in leveling your characters, instead of having pre-defined stats per level (See: FFXI).

The graphics in this game are absolutely gorgeous, especially for being an MMO. This does come at a cost though: If you don’t have a high-end PC, be prepared to drop your specifications drastically to even be able to play decently.

You are also presented with 3 different starting cities, much like many other MMO’s out there. And also like other MMO’s out there, each one has its own specific storyline. I’m not sure yet if you’ll ever be able to experience each cities story with a single character, though it seems unlikely thanks in part to the use of the starting-instance for cutscenes.

The Bad

Ugh, this part. The sheer reminder that this, in fact, a Beta. There are bugs. Lots of them. And currently we are unable to even REPORT them as Open Beta Testers. Bad move on Square’s part, seeing as the game launches in 20 days!

There also seems to either not be enough servers (Currently 10), or enough monsters in starting areas. This was a problem that plagued the closed beta as well. This could be due in part that EVERYONE is currently in these areas, and that the Guildleves are on a sort of long cool down (Come on, I hadn’t played in over 12 hours and I had no leves available? Really?). These are a few of the issues that should be addressed, seeing as back in Alpha guildleves were spammable and it made life that much easier since you don’t have to fight for those monsters…

The Ugly

This is pretty much what was previously stated. Can’t believe I’m including this in a Final Fantasy XIV article, but oh well. The Ugly part of this Open Beta is the fact we just cannot report bugs at ALL. Oh yea, I’ve encountered bugs. Plenty of them. But why should I be allowed to report them? Let them launch a buggy game I guess, scare all the people who don’t wish to put up with it at the start away…


Despite the rantings above, yes this game is amazing I think. And as stated above, Final Fantasy XIV is definitely a step in the right direction from Final Fantasy XI.

Be sure to go pick up the game in either Collector’s Edition (September 22), or in Standard Edition (September 30) today! Also, check out my gallery of Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta pictures in the link below!