Final Fantasy XIV: The upcoming Linkshell

FFXIV’s release date is fast approaching, and I think it is proper to finally make this post. I am planning on starting my own linkshell in FFXIV, and am looking for input on a final server to pick! Server names are subject to change obviously, but if they stay the same from Open Beta then well…

This Linkshell’s focus is on having FUN and being FRIENDLY and helpful. I know that ‘fun’ is a long-lost word in MMO’s, but I am focusing on this! Especially in the beginning, we will be focusing on helping each other out, exploring content, and various other things! The only requirement is that you must want to have fun and enjoy the game!

As a reflection, the linkshell name will be silly, and is something me and some friends have joked around about on MSN a lot. We shall either be the “Army Cuteness of Doom”, or “Cuteness of Doom”, depending on what is allowed.

Obviously, we’ll need some things. Such as people to repair armor. Personally, I’ll be exploring all the avenues of classes.

I do eventually plan on “trying” some endgame stuff, but again it will not be as a focus. The focus will be on having fun. If we wipe to a monster, so what? Get back up, try it again! After many, many (many…) years of FFXI, I’m ready to have fun in an MMO.

As-of now, there is no website or forums. Best method of contact would be via my Twitter. This may be in the works eventually, we’ll see.

I have setup a poll for the server selection, though there will eventually be some other things taken into consideration.

Hope to see people there, and I’ll stress it again. We are about having FUN and exploring the world, and maybe dying a few times to Notorious Monsters or to some Guildleves.

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