E3 2011: FFXIII-2 Website Updates!

With E3 going into full swing, the Final Fantasy XIII-2 European, North American and Japan websites have received updates. This includes new information and images, as seen below!

  • New Character: Noel Kreiss
    • A young man wielding two unique blades who appears before Serah.
      • Melee is this fighter’s combat style of choice. His dual-wielding method demonstrates an expert technique, which includes combining his swords into one new weapon.

        Although straightforward and cheerful, no one knows much about his past, or how he stumbled across Serah in her time of distress.

  • New Location: New Bodhum
    • A town constructed on a shore of Gran Pulse by NORA members and former residents of Bodhum. Surrounded by nature, it seems an idyllic place to live-the occasional monster encounter excepted.
  • New Screenshots:
    • New Bodhum
      • newbodhum
    • Noel CG Render
      • image3

The Japanese website contains some new music and Wallpapers. The site also holds a tentative release date for that version: December 2011. With the English trailer stating Early 2012, this kills any ideas of a worldwide release.

Credit goes out to Final Fantasy XIII.net for the links and info!

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