Kitase Comments on Western Type-0

Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy Type-0, spoke with GamingUnion at E3. He showed concern for the current Western PSP market (unsurprising, it’s not going very well here in the west) and GamingUnion asked him about Type-0 seeing a North America and Europe release.

“As you may know very well, with the PSP market, the situation is very different in Japan than outside of Japan. We are having to be very very careful in how we decide what would be the best way to deliver the game to all the gamers. At the moment I can’t give you any confirmed decision, so please be patient for a little bit longer.”

Sadly this could mean the very likely scenario: Type-0 (Formerly Agito) may not make it to the west, and if it does, it may be delayed. This also means that it is likely the localization has not yet started (see prior sentence), or that it may come to a completely different console (Vita?). Square-Enix had previously shown interest in Sony’s PSP Remaster series, and it may be that Type-0 will get this treatment.

Only time will tell was happens with Type-0, and all we can do is hope that is does make its way west.


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