Final Fantasy Type-0 Update

The latest issue of Famitsu features an interview with Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata (director of Type-0).

To start it off, it seems the game will not be making it’s Summer release date, but is still being listed for 2011. Tabata noted that “it became difficult to release it during the short-sleeve season”, with Nomura following up stating “we’ll probably have to wait until the season of red leaves.” (Yes, otherwise known as Fall, without directly saying it). It seems another reason for the delay is the large Playstation Network outage, which seems to have had some effect on the game’s multiplayer component, making it require extra work. The development team is currently working on this area of the game.

With the multiplayer component in mind, Tabata shared a few more details on this subject. The host will be able to turn multiplayer on or off within the game’s config menu, and if it is set to on, other players will be able to join the hosts game. To enter another players game, you can simply select multiplayer and select a host from a list. The experience seems short lived though: If you reach a save point, the external player will be forced out of the game. There is also a time limit, though this can be extended by aiding the host. Don’t worry though: The game is being made in a way that anyone can reach the end without using this feature.

Along with the multiplayer details, Nomura and Tabata answered a Q&A from the Famitsu editors, revealing some more information:

  • For more skilled action players, the game will have fighting game-like features such as movement canceling.
  • The game’s loading screen shows user data, along with player data from Square-Enix Members.
  • Save Points will allow you to change your party members and set your equipment.
  • The game’s main characters are from your school’s “Class Zero.” Students from other classes will team up with you for missions and will have different colored cloaks. Type-0 has 14 main characters.
  • Nomura mentioned that Square-Enix is currently looking into a download version and an overseas version.
  • Weather will play a role in certain features. For example, weapons will change in strength and firing range depending on the weather. Summons also get affected (IE: Shiva will be stronger in snowy areas).
  • The game features around 30-40 hours of playtime (or 100 for those who wish to play fully).
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 is around 80% complete.
  • You are able to hold buttons to repeat moves, rather than pressing them repeatedly. Button assignments include triangle for the standard attack, circle and square can be assigned to attacks/magic, X is for defense/defensive magic, and L+D-pad to switch your controlled character.

While Famitsu’s editors were able to play a demo of Type-0, the general Japanese public will have to wait until July 16th to be able to play a demo of the game at Odaiba.


Battling Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy Type-0.

In some older Type-0 news, here are a few screenshots I had previously missed! (These are from a Type-0 website update around E3 time.)



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