THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy For 3DS Announced!

New Jump Magazine scan images have surfaced of a new 3DS game: THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy. Theatrhythm is a “Theater Rhythm Acition” game. The game features field scenes set in dungeons and towns, and battle scenes resembling older Final Fantasies. The difference being that you must tap the screen in accordance to the prompts. The games music is being pulled from past Final Fantasies as well. Characters (Lightning, Cloud, Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, etc) are being shown in “Chibi” style, resembling avatars from the Kingdom Hearts Mobile game. The game also features a story, with Jump reporting that the Final Fantasy characters are fighting to return light to the crystals.

There is no release date at this time.


You can view the full size (1200×900) scan here.


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