Square-Enix heads for Comic-Con 2011

With Comic-Con fast approaching, it’s around the time that exhibitors start making some small announcements for the show. Well, Square-Enix is no exception. They have already confirmed their presence at the event, which will take place from July 21-24 in San Diego, California. While they haven’t made full announcements regarding the event, they have let loose with some information!

  • They will have Play Arts for sale at their booth (along with manga and music).
  • They will have a game demo station, featuring playable demos from most of their E3 line-up: Dues Ex, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dead Island, and Wakfu (Dungeon Siege 3 will not be present)

It is not yet know if these will be the same exact demo’s that were present at E3 or if they will be new builds. Stay tuned for more details as Comic Con 2011 grows even closer!

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