Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Website Opens!

Following last weeks announcement in Jump, Square-Enix has released the official site of their upcoming Rhythm game for the 3DS: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. While it doesn’t add too much more info, it does add some new info. We can see the logo in higher quality, and it seems its essentially a parody it seems of the Dissidia Final Fantasy logo, featuring Chaos and Cosmos… In “cuter” more artsy forms. We can also see some of the “chibi” sprites as you browse the various pages, showing off Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Bartz, Cloud, Lightning, and a chocobo (You could see these previously in the magazine scan though, but at a lower quality). Theatrhythm is also the first game that will be part of the series 25th Anniversary.


The storyline is based off of Dissidia (with a twist of course): he space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as "Rhythm." "Rhythm" gives birth to the crystal which controls music, and fills the world with sound. The forces of chaos have disrupted the peace, and the crystal has begin to lose its shine. To restore balance in the world, the heroes must venture out in to well known series places. Music is of course a key feature in this game, and some pieces already announced are: FF Main Theme, Clash on the Big Bridge (FFV), One-Winged Angel (FFVII), To Zanarkand (FFX), Sunleth Waterscape (FFXIII). Each piece will correspond to a level, with steps labeled “Field”, “Combat” and “Event”. Each stage will have gameplay of its own with mixing music and RPG elements. It will be possible to advance the heroes through a system of evolution and levels.

The game is currently being developed by Indieszero, with the music projects being done by Electroplankton. The small studio has worked on some maps for the project “Final Fantasy Art Museum”.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is currently being projected for a 2012 release in Japan, with no word as-of yet on North American and European releases.



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