Famitsu Goes Versus XIII

Following the Theatrhythm information earlier, Famitsu information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII has hit the web. Though Tetsuya Nomura had said it’d be a “small” reveal, with one full page of his four page interview devoted to Versus. Versus XIII is currently under intense development, which might explain the blackout on any new information.

Much of the discussion on the game is about the Versus’s event scenes. Like most games there are two types of scenes: pre-rendered and real time. The difference for Versus’ real time scenes is that they are all controllable. They decided they would get rid of the non controllable real time scenes in order to keep the gameplay from stopping. Regarding the controllable scenes, Nomura said to expect more natural expressions as opposed to game-like expressions in past games. He also mentioned a sort of new system for this area, something Nomura feels has never been done before. According to FF-Reunion (who summed up the interview originally), the cut scenes may be more like an FPS game than like an RPG, but the statement is unclear at this time so it may be best to wait for more information.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII combat will be dynamis, complete with changing situations to keep gameplay interesting.

There were three new screenshots available for the Famitsu editors only, as Square-Enix apparently will not let them be shown to the general public. Famitsu was impressed, saying they couldn’t believe they were real time. These likely included a scene of an Italy-like city showing Noctis looking up at a behemoth, an afternoon shot of Noctis on what appeared to be the side of a highway, and then the same highway at night. The signs on the highway seem to say “Meguro” which is a region within Tokyo (The game likely does not take place in our world, but it’s not uncommon for real-life names to appear in games). Famitsu noted that the screenshots looked like real photos. Nomura replied to them with a mention of another game feature: In-game picture taking. Noctis will have a cell phone with the ability to take pictures anywhere.

A reason the game might look so good is because there are very few differences between the high and low quality model’s of the game. Nomura says they’ve kept the high and low quality models the same, with the exception of greater hair detail in the high quality versions. The inclusion of Takeshi Nozue on the staff has also helped, Nomura said. Nozue was able to apply his pre-rendering know-how on the game’s real time scenes, specifically in regards to the lighting technology.

As for when we’ll get to see these images that Famitsu’s editor’s saw, Nomura said we’ll have to wait a bit. He also noted that areas we’ve already been shown will have the new lightning technology, so we will have to wait to see those as well.

For general development updates, Nomura said that because they’re trying out so many new challenges, the development staff is still focused on the core members. However, they are making preparations to enter full production. They are also gradually recording the game’s voices. Regarding this, Nomura said that there are many scenes where the four male characters (Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto) are engaged in a realistic conversation, with their voices overlapping. These scenes are being recorded by having all four voices actors together in the same recording session.

So when will we get another update on Versus XIII? Nomura mentioned that the timing for the next reveal has been set, but refused to say when it will be. He would like to deliver some good information for the next update. He also apologizes for the extremely long wait for information on the game.


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