Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Features Over 50 Songs

It’s that time again for the weekly Famitsu magazine, and the first bits are starting to make their way out. First up is the new Square-Enix 3DS game announced last week, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Here are some details available so far:

  • The game will feature over 50 songs from the series. This includes 3 songs from each Final Fantasy (From Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy XIII), corresponding to a Field, Battle, and Event stage from each game. So far we’ve heard about only a few songs, which includes One-Winged Angel, To Zanarkand, and The Sunleth Waterscape.
  • The game will feature surround sound in addition to the 3D visuals.
  • Current release timeframe is for Winter.
  • Development originally began on the DS but was moved to the 3DS. This seems to be due to some space issues on the DS, which was resolved with the move to the 3DS.

This is just the beginning of what this weeks Famitsu will bring. Besides Theatrhythm being present this week, the big article (though apparently it may not be very big) will be Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Stay tuned for more news as information from the magazine is released!


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