Famitsu News Continues: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Continuing the Famitsu news onslaught, there’s an article in there about Final Fantasy XIII-2. It seems that players may have a possibility for an early play of the game. In an interview for this weeks Famitsu, Nomura stated that players will soon have a chance to try the game out. Of course, when “soon” will be is the question. It may be Square-Enix’s main attraction at Tokyo Game Show, which takes place a few months ahead of the games Japanese release. Even though the event is two months away, it may just very well be what he’s referring to. He might also mean a pre-TGS demo event, or a downloadable demo.

Also in the interview, Nomura reiterated the character design devision of labor for FFXIII-2. Nomura is working on the faces for Noel and the new characters. Clothing and others areas are being drawn by Yusuke Naora and Isama Kamikokurou. Nomura’s main role on the game is character design supervision.

Nomura remarked that the reactions at E3 towards the game were good, from those who actually played it of course. He is disappointed that some people are judging it just based off of videos from E3 however. He feels players will truly get the feeling of what the staff is putting into the game when they see it running on actual hardware, and said that the impression when you directly play differs greatly from seeing videos.

Famitsu also briefly spoke with Kamikokuryo, the game’s art director. Kamikokuryo said he’s currently working on the sketches of the visual that will be shown around the game’s release. The article also featured the latest screenshots in Japanese.


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