Final Fantasy Type-0’s Control Chart Revealed

Final Fantasy Type-0 will be playable starting tomorrow at Odaiba event. Square-Enix will be handing out control charts for the game, and as-per-usual, the control chart was released on the official website for Type-0.


Summary of the controls:

  • L-Button: Hold this down to show the menu
  • D-Pad: Control’s the camera. When the menu is showing, you can press up to pull in a party member from your reserve and press left to change your current character.
  • Analog Stick: Controls your character
  • R-Button: Lock’s on to enemies.
  • Circle: Ability
  • Triangle: Normal attack
  • Square: Attack Magic
  • X Button: Defense. With analog stick movements you can evade. Hold for recovery and support magic.
  • Start Button: Show start menu
  • Select: Use Items

Below the chart are some game basics:

  • Character Change: While you are holding the L-button, press the d-pad left to change your character. You can have three characters in battle at the same time and can freely switch control between all three. When one character dies, press Up+L-Button to call in a member from your reserve.
  • Target Lock On: Hold the R-button to lock on to whichever enemy you wish to attack. You can then use the d-pad left and right to switch your current target, press down to switch to the nearest target, and press up to switch to the enemy you defeated.
  • Summoning: To summon press Triangle+Circle. The character you’re controlling when you call out the summon will then die, with the summon taking his place. You can then control the summon.
  • Taking in Phontoma: Lock on to an enemy that you have defeated and press circle. Phontoma recovers your MP.


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