Final Fantasy XIV Chat Log Updates Coming Soon

Square-Enix posted a forum post about projected updates for Final Fantasy XIV’s Chat Log for version 1.18a. Note that these updates are subject to change as they are still under development.

  • The log will automatically be hidden at the following times:
    • during event cutscenes
    • while the main map is open

    * The log will remain if a tab is active when a cutscene begins or the main map is opened.

  • Once hidden, the log will reappear at the following times:
    • an Open chat prompt command is input (Space bar, slash (/) key, Ctrl+S, etc.)
    • Configuration » Chat Log appears in the active log tab. (This does not apply when the active tab is the battle tab.)

    * The log will be hidden after being inactive for a period of 5 seconds.

  • Default log settings will be changed to the following:
    • Two logs will be displayed. The second tab of the first log will be inactive, and the first tab of the second log will be active.
    • Log size will be adjusted.
    • Log transparency will be adjusted.

    * The above settings are applied whenever the game is launched, or upon selecting the Restore Defaults option under Configuration » Chat Log.
    * The above settings are not applied when saved log configuration data is present.

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