Final Fantasy XIV Looking to add Weapon Hiding Option

Square-Enix posted recently that they are looking to add in an option so that you can toggle to show your main-hand weapon or tool (IE the item you equip to change your class). Note that this function will only toggle it for YOUR computer: Others will still be able to see your weapon. (To put it in perspective: FFXI had a command to toggle on or off targeting of pets/avatars. This is similar.) The command is also only for PASSIVE mode characters: You will still see it for people (including yourself) who are in combat. No acting like a Pugilist while you are a Thaumaturge here!  The details are below:

* The following addition is planned for the /display text command in 1.18a, with further functionality scheduled for 1.19.
This feature is still in development, and therefore subject to change.

The gear slot main will be added.
/display main on – Display main hand arms and tools at all times.
/display main off – Hide main hand arms and tools while in passive mode.


When set to off, the main hand arms and tools of all PCs in passive mode will be hidden.

  • /display settings made by you are visible on your computer only. For example, if your main hand display is set to off, your gear will still be visible to other players.
  • /display settings will reset upon logging out.
    *For 1.19, we plan to enhance this feature to reflect your /display settings on all other player’s computers. Also, personal /display settings will be saved upon logging out.

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