New l’Cie for Type-0

Gilgamesh won’t be the only l’Cie in Final Fantasy Type-0. This weeks Dengeki introduced a few new sub characters, including some l’Cie (which were featured prominently in Final Fantasy XIII).

First is Zhuyu whom is voiced by Hiroki Touchi. Zhuyu is a l’Cie from Suzaku, which is your school in the game. He was a student in the past and continues to wear his school uniform in hopes that he won’t forget who he is. Many years have passed since he became a l’Cie, however, and he is slowly losing his feelings. He has tremendous strength and can freely wield fire, which is the symbol of Suzaku.

From the Byakko side comes l’Cie Qun’mi, who is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi. Qun’mi was only recently made a l’Cie and wears full armor and a helmet. She’ll face off against you (Suzaku’s Class 0) with tremendous battle strength that lets her draw out any weapons power beyong its limits. Screenshots show her making use of Dainsleif, a Magitek Armor, which is equipped with a Crystal Jammer that is capable of firing a large number of missiles simultaneously.

The other two characters shown are not l’Cie. Yuzuki (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi) is a member of Yuzuki, which is one of the groups protecting Concordia Kingdom. Dengeki also introduced the unnamed King of Souryu (voiced by Jun Fukuyama), who is wearing a mask.

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