Final Fantasy XIV Sees Many Patch 1.19 Changes

The forums are playing host to a bunch of new changes for the upcoming 1.19 patch. Check them out below!

Enemy Claim/Engage System Changes

Currently, when a player claims and engages an enemy, they can earn experience points and loot, as well as credit for quest objectives, upon defeating the enemy. However, a player can only engage and hold claim over one enemy (or group of enemies) at a time as the system does not allow players to engage multiple enemy groups simultaneously.
In order to address the above issue, as well as several others, the following changes will be made.

Claiming and Engaging Enemies

  • Players will be able to attack any enemy*. However, only the player (or party that the player is in) that initiates the first attack on the enemy will earn the rewards.
    * Only players that are participating in levequests, or in behests, can engage enemies that are specific to those battles.
  • The color of an enemy’s name will indicate whether or not you will be granted the rewards upon defeating it.
  • If the name of the enemy is red, you or your party will earn the rewards.
  • If the name of the enemy is purple, another player or party will earn the rewards.
    An enemy’s name will appear in orange if it is unclaimed, but is attacking another player.
    * Once you have engaged the enemy, you or your party will earn its reward.

Claim on an enemy will be lost under the following conditions:

  • If the party that initially claimed the enemy is defeated.
  • If a claimed enemy returns to its territory.


Enemy Link System

The enemy link system allows an enemy to call for reinforcements based on the strength of the party that initiated contact with it.

Enemies will call for reinforcements under the following conditions:

  • When an enemy detects a player and initiates an attack.
  • When a player initiates an attack on an enemy.
  • * Enemies can only call for reinforcements once.
    * If enemies have already formed a group, they will not call for reinforcements, nor will they react to a call from other enemies.

How an enemy will call for reinforcements

  • The number of enemies that will be called upon will be based on the comparison of the strength of the party that initiated the attack (or was detected by the enemy) and the strength of the enemy itself.
  • All types of enemies in the vicinity will be called upon regardless of whether or not they are the same type of enemy that made the call.
  • * Certain powerful enemies will not react to the call.
    * Only enemies present within a certain distance will be called.

Experience Bonus Additions and Adjustments

We plan to introduce new systems which will allow players to receive more experience points by tactically defeating enemies. We will also be implementing adjustments to overall experience point rewards and the current party bonus algorithm.

Link Bonuses

  • Link bonuses will be granted based on how many enemies are linked to the current target. The more enemies that are linked, the larger the amount of bonus experience points will be granted.

Chain Bonuses

  • Chain bonuses will be granted when players consecutively defeat enemies that have levels equal to or higher than their own, within a specific amount of time*.
    As the number of chains increase, the experience bonus will increase, but the amount of time* granted to maintain the chain will shorten.
    * A time limit within which players are required to defeat an enemy to maintain the chain after defeating another.

You can check all “In development” threads on the Official Final Fantasy XIV Forums here.

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