Final Fantasy XIV Saying “Goodbye” to Physical Levels

As information comes out (Note: This is still in development and subject to change) about FFXIV’s upcoming patch 1.19, the newest bit of information has been released: The abolishment of Physical Levels (and the change of Class Rank to Class Level, which is what Final Fantasy XI has), along with the abolishment of Attribute points. Check out the full notes below.

Patch 1.19 will see the abolition of physical levels. Along with this change, the following adjustments will be made:

Abolition of Attribute and Element Points

  • Attribute and element points will be abolished, and character development will be automated based on class level. A system whereby players can voluntarily allocate attribute points to each class will be implemented in patch 1.20 or later, along with class balance adjustments.

Introduction of Automated Character Development

Automated character development will be implemented in patch 1.19, and will entail the following changes:

  • The growth curve will be revised, with each gain in level to be accompanied by greater increases in attributes.
  • Attributes will be made to have greater impact.
  • The impact of attributes will decrease as players gain in level; however, the benefits granted by gear will be increased.
  • Player accuracy will be increased slightly.
  • Race-based differences will be limited to the starting attributes.

Revisions to Terminology

The following in-game terms will be renamed.

  • Skill points -> Experience points
  • Rank -> Level

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