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Chrono Trigger Heads to North American PSN

Just a few weeks ago, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were both mistakenly announced for PSN. After the retracted this statement, the game recently appeared on the Japanese Playstation Network.

Well it seems the wait isn’t too long for North America after all! Sony has announced that the Playstation One version of the game will make it to Playstation Network on October 4th. You will soon be able to head out on Crono’s adventure on your Playstation Portable and Playstation 3!

The game will most likely run for a cost of $5.99.


Final Fantasy XIII’s Lost Report–Episode 1 Made Available

Final Fantasy XIII’s first Lost Report, entitled “Fantasy Paradise,” was made available recently. The clips are told from the perspectives of Yaag Rosch and Rygdea, and will total six episodes when finished.

You can view the video on the Final Fantasy XIII-2 official site, or by watching it below.


Final Fantasy XIII-2’s “New World” Song Now Available

While the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s theme song is not yet available, the English version has been made available! Charice’s album Infinity will have the song “New World” on it, and will be out in Japan on October 5th.

New World is available on iTunes in Japan, and you can sample it here.


Chrono Trigger Heads for Japanese PSN

Not too long ago, the North American Playstation Network accidentally mentioned that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were heading to Sony’s PSN. This turned out to be false, though it seems it was just a hint to the future.

Shinji Hashimoto updated the Square-Enix Members Japan twitter earlier tonight saying that Chrono Trigger is going to Japanese PSN. Not only that, it will be released on the Japanese Playstation Network on September 28th (this Wednesday). The price point for the game will be 1200 Yen.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Bonus Content Announced

Square-Enix has promised that we will be seeing post-release DLC content for the game, but has yet to provide any specific examples. We’ve gotten some hints today from Square-Enix as they announced the download content that will be given to those who buy the game at specific stores.

If you pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2 from Lawsons or HMV, you will get a download code for a weapon for Serah. The weapon is an angel’s bow and arrow that converts the damage dealt to enemies into an HP boost for Serah.

Square-Enix has promised an image of the item in a future update.


Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Original Soundtrack Available December 14th

It seems was leaked the first details on the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Soundtrack. As with most Final Fantasy soundtracks, XIII-2’s will be available in two flavors: standard and limited edition.

The standard edition will consist of 4 discs and a price of 3990 Yen. The limited edition version will come with four extra discs, along with an extra DVD that will possibly contain trailers from the game, similar to Final Fantasy Type-0. The limited edition will likely have other bonuses such as specialized packaging and will cost 4800 Yen.

Both versions will be released in Japan on December 14, 2011, one day prior to the games release.

You can check out the standard edition here, and the limited edition here.


Compilation of Theatrhythm and Bravely Default Screenshots

Here’s a compilation of both new and old screenshots from both Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Bravely Default. Both games will be released on the Nintendo 3DS, with Theatrhythm coming this Winter in Japan.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy