Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dives Into Time Traveling

Dengeki PlayStation has even more on FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, following on the heels of Jump’s news a few fays back. The magazine focuses on the game’s prologue and a new gameplay element: Historia Crux.

Historia Crux is a new feature that allows the player to travel between both space and time. If you remember we saw Noel and Serah using said gates in the E3 demo. Although they were present in the Bresha Ruins location, they were inaccessible in the demo. In the full game, you’ll be able to activate the gates by obtaining specific Artefacts. Using Mog you will be able to find them in hidden chests located throughout the land.

Using Historia Crux, you will be able to select different locations or time periods from the menu. For example you can select Bresha Ruins in the year AF0005 (which is two years after the events of the game) in which you can see the world is lush and green. However in year AF300, you can see it is a wasteland. From the gates you’ll also be able to reset them which allows Noel and Serah to redo their adventures. You will also be able to save and access your main menu at them.

Story wise, we already know that Noel has come from the future. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 he meets Serah, and tells her he’s met Lightning, who wishes to see her. Lightning, now a knight who guards the shrine of Etro in Valhalla, has become close to being some sort of deity in existence.

The magazine also briefly touches on the Cinematic Action QTE system, as well as providing a few new screenshots. New field locations include Valhalla, and the Goddess Etro’s Shrine.

With Tokyo Game Show quickly approaching, expect even more news on Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the coming weeks!


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