Famitsu Features New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

In a lengthy article released by Famitsu, they managed to score us a handful of new XIII-2 Screenshots! The screenshots show off more Lightning and Odin, as well as the recently announced Time Travel system, Historiacross.

In this first batch, you can see Noel telling Serah they need to find some “Artefacts” to open a gate up.


The “gate” Noel is referring to is for the Time Travelling. The gates can be opened by finding the Artefacts, and you can find them all over the world. Once open, you will be able to select between different times in the “After the Fall” (AF) era.


The Historia Crux interface shows us quite a few unannounced elements. The circles in the images above seem to represent time periods and locations. In the lower right of them reads “Fragments 0/8,” and in the upper left is “Progression 0/157.” The upper right black bar is labeled as “Gate View.” The screenshot that shows the “AF5” circle leads to the Bresha area during AF005. It hasn’t been announced what the circular icons below the names are. The screenshot showing “Lock” is an unexplored region during an unknown year.. Other options in the Historiacross screens include “Save,” “Change View,” and “Main Menu.”

Lightning is yet again featured in these screenshots, fulfilling her role protecting the Goddess Etro’s shrine in Valhalla. Below are screenshots of her facing off agains the mystery man, as well as showing off Valhalla.


And to finish it off, here are some other screens from the article!




One response to “Famitsu Features New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

  1. I like the look of these new shots and this Historia Crux, just from looking at it now Ill be so confused when we first get intoduced to it. Looks so good from these first few screenshots! (Sep 8 Article)

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