More Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Meeting Details

Earlier today we posted for you some of the important details from the Fan Meeting even that took place for Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan. Since then, the full Q&A with Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitasi has been published, bringing with it new information.

Next week’s Tokyo Game Show will bring with it a host of new reveals. This includes the introductions to some of the old characters from Final Fantasy XIII (We’ve already seen Hope in the PAX trailer, and Snow was already mentioned during the same meeting). The old characters will be playable, though most likely as guest members. The identity of the man we’ve seen fighting Lightning will also be revealed.

Game-length wise, XIII-2 will be slightly shorter than XIII in terms of volume, Toriyama explained. The difference is that XIII-2 has many new gameplay elements, including Historia Crux, fragments, and mini games.

The Moogle has abilities as well: He can grab items from the world of Valhalla. His mission in the game is to help out Serah. Chocobos will also be in the game, as we’ve seen in screenshots already. The sequel will include a red version of our loveable friends. In XIII, they were only available for use in Gran Pulse (despite having been seen in Nautilus), but they will be available for travel anywhere. While they will not be available from the start, they will be gained when easy movement becomes difficult.

The event revealed two new types of monsters: Chocobos and Cait Siths. Chocobo’s will take the role of Commando (Attacker in Japan), while Cait Sith’s will be Medic’s (Healer in Japan). You will be able to get around 150 different types of monsters, and your captured monster will also have a Crystarium-like growth system.

As far as downloadable content is concerned, Kitase was unable to comment when asked, but did say that the team will be looking into it.

If you would like to read our previous report on news from the event, including the confirmation of Snow, you can check it out here.


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