Snow to Debut at Tokyo Game Show

There was recently a Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fan Meeting that allowed fans to play the latest build of the game, along with get some new information. The demo that was available was again in Bresha Ruina, but with the addition of Normal or Easy mode, and some Battle Screen changes.


During a roundtable discussion, the staff was able to share some interesting facts about the sequel. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been in development for around 1 and 1/2 years, with the decision being made to go ahead with it coming shortly after Final Fantasy XIII launched in North America and Europe. In regards to a release date for the game, that will hopefully be shared at TGS, along with the possibility of a Limited Edition.

As far as story news goes, Motomu Toriyama (Director) confirmed one bit from the TGS Trailer: Snow. The director said he will make an appearance in the game, though jokingly said that he has yet to marry Serah. Plenty of Lightning will also be there.

As far as multiple endings go, the plot will branch out quite a bit (most likely due to Historia Crux, and all the time periods available there). From the Fabula Nova Crystallis Mythology comes Lindzei, Pulse, and the Goddess Etro, forming the “axis” of the story.

Also, Noel and Vanille speak of the same inward battle within their words. How are they related?

If you’ve got a Final Fantasy XIII clear file, don’t go deleting it just yet! For those who played the original, some of the save data functionality may carry over. Those who have cleared the first game may be receiving something nice at a later date.

Those who were able to play the new version of the demo, set to be playable at TGS, noted the difficulty to be fairly high. The “Monster Hunter” aspect of the game was shown in full form, now featuring Chocobo’s (Attacker/Commando) and Cat (Cait?) Sith’s (Healer/Medic) in your party. The total monster count is around 150, with each having a different ability. For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter, XIII-2 now has a Blood Damage system that counters the over-effectiveness of a Healer/Medic within the Paradigm the longer the battle drags on.

Full party specifics haven’t been released yet, but Toriyama has previously noted that the party will consist of Noel, Serah, a captured monster, and something a guest character. This does not include Lightning’s playable sections.

As a special thanks to those who came, Toriyama and Kitase awarded fans with signed posters featuring the Lightning and Serah keyart. The staff wants fans to look forward to what the Tokyo Game Show trailer will be showing us, and with it just around the corner, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will no doubt be there in a huge way.



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