Android to get Several Square-Enix Games

Square-Enix has been using Tokyo Game Show to announce several games, and a few coming to Android are amongst them.

First up is Chrono Trigger. This game originally appeared on the SNES in 1995 and became very popular amongst RPG fans. The turn-based game has you controlling Crono and his budding as they travel amongst many generations, including a post-apocalyptic generation. It is here they discover a recording of what destroyed the world and thus set out to stop this from ever happening. The game features many different endings which depend on when you decide to fight the final boss.

Next is Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors for Light and Darkness. While there isn’t much detail about this currently java-based game being brought to Android, if it follows it’s Java origins when ported you can expect a new storyline set in the 16-bit time of gaming. No massive skill trees to worry about, nor combos and other features that are in the newer Final Fantasy titles.

When it was originally released in Japan last year, the game came in the form of chapters with each chapter being released at a different time. Square-Enix could do the same with the Android release. The bad news in this is that the game may end up being Japan exclusive for Android and iOS.

After that is Dragon Quest Monsters, where you play as Terry who is trying to save his sister in a Pokemon-style game. You travel through the lands collecting monsters, battling with and against them, leveling them up, teaching them skills, breeding new and power monsters, and occasionally giving them a treat.

The last title announced is Itadaki Street, which is a Monopoly-style game where you can buy property and make others play for landing on it. Unlike Monopoly though, to win you just need to make it to the bank with enough stocks, property value, and gold to meet the game’s requirements in order for you to win.

A final note is that for those in Japan, Square-Enix has announced that they will be launching its own Android Marketplace for NTT Docomo, NDDI, and Softbank. This will happen later this year and come stocked with games like Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Crystal Defenders.

There is currently no word on if they plan to release any of these games, or their own Android Marketplace, outside of Japan.


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