Final Fantasy XIII-2 TV Special Report

The BS11 special on Final Fantasy XIII-2 was recently aired on the first day of Tokyo Game Show, though it seems not much new was said during the 30-minute special. Most of the information Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama revealed has already been said, and the latter half featured Sazh’s Japanese voice actor, Masashi Ebara, paying a visit to select departments that are working on the game.

What’s notable about it though is composer Mitsuto Suzuki demonstrated the music production process with a track we hadn’t heard yet. There was also a chat with co-composer Naoshi Mizuta about the new Archlyte Steppe theme, and a chat with the games sound effect artists, followed by a brief montage of various visual processes. Images included a demonstration of the animation process using a dragon-type creature, manipulating Sazh’s eyebrows, a city, and Serah running through a city (likely Eden) in the rain.

Check out footage and screenshots below!



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