Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI Head For PSN

After a long wait for those in North America, it has finally been announced that the two classics will indeed make their way here!

Chrono Trigger – Living in the seemingly peaceful kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D., the child Crono was chosen by guardian spirits to save the world from ultimate devastation. Though Doomsday will not happen until the year 1999, the ancient seeds of destruction were planted long ago the the evil LAVOS. Your mission in the world of Chrono Trigger is to travel back and forth through time to change the course of history, and stop LAVOS from succeeding in his dark plan. On your journey, you will battle monsters and meet many helpful people in both the past and the future. Some will become your faithful and powerful companions, while others will give you clues by telling you stories.

Final Fantasy VI — With Edgar’s tools, Terra’s magic, Sabin’s fists and the skills of a dozen additional characters, the Returners need only your help to seize victory from the Empire. Summon the power of the espers, magical creatures enslaved by the Empire.

You’ll be able to find both games on this weeks Playstation Network update, available on September 20th. They will both likely run for the price of $5.99. Take note that these will be the Playstation One versions of these games.


Edit: Seems Sony mistakingly announced these two games coming to PSN. Seems they aren’t. Twitter announcement stating the correction:

Yesterday, we incorrectly reported Final Fantasy VI & Chrono Trigger were coming to PSN on Tuesday. They are not. We apologize for the error


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