Famitsu Details Final Fantasy XIII-2

Following last nights release of the trailers, Famitsu has released details about the game. First up, Final Fantasy XIII-2 does what XIII couldn’t: It only takes one disc on both platforms. This is thanks to the increased amount of real-time events versus CGI usage.

The version of Hope seen in the trailer is from 10 years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII. He is 24 years old and is the head of a scientific investigation group.

Caius, the main villain of the game, has an evil influence over both Valhalla and Serah’s world. In the Promise trailer, the black smoke coming from Lightning is called “Chaos”

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have some intense scenes, though they won’t be on the same level as Final Fantasy Type-0. Quick Time Events (QTEs) will be a big part of the game, but failing them doesn’t necessarily penalize you. Clearing them, however, will net you something.

The greatest addition is the addition of in-battle partly leader changing. The biggest thing this means is that when your party leader dies, you will no longer game over.

Other things to note is that the girl seen traveling with Caius is named Yeul. Noel has vague memories in the game due to a time paradox. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will include an Easy Mode as well as changeable costumes visible in event scenes. Also, there will be no level cap on the Crystarium in this game.


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