Final Fantasy XIV Shows Off Some Beastman Strongholds

As a part of their upcoming 1.19 patch, Final Fantasy XIV is going to be adding Beastman Strongholds to the land of Eorzea.

The strongholds will be home to large amounts of beastman and of course, treasure. The strongholds are made of multiple sections, each of which is guarded by a contingent of defenders. Any adventurer who wishes to explore them must cut their way through multiple lines of enemy resistance and breach gate after gate before they reach the heart of the compounded. Though not all is well once you make it there: fearsome enemies await those who make it there, ready to kill those unprepared.

Zahar’ak is a stronghold erected by the Amalj’aa. It’s name means “like a rock” in their native tongue. The location is said to have been picked by thaumaturges who, through ancient rituals, divined the spot to be auspicious for waging war. It’s life began as a humble frontier outpost but over time Zahar’ak grew to become the formost Amalj’aa base in all of Thanalan. Zahar’ak boasts an intimidating array of siege engines and troop conveyances, and also is a facility for breeding war drakes. Recent moons have seen a sharp rise in activity at the base, which has sparked rumors among the folk of Ul’dah for a full-scale assault on the place.


Inside the base lies Flamefist Ahlygg Roh, a commander of great renown, who was born into one of the most influential clans of his race. Even among the ranks of the Roh (the warrior class charged with enforcing order in Amalj’aa society), his unsurpassed fighting prowess places him in a class of his own. Despite his notable bloodline, he exudes an air of humility, and is ever restless in his pursuit of excellence in Amalj’aa martial disciplines.

This is just one of the beastman stronghold and notorious monsters to be added in patch 1.19. You can see below a video Square-Enix has made available about the strongholds, and stay tuned for more as the next Final Fantasy XIV patch grows closer.


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