Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins Coming to North America PSN

Following this weeks earlier mishap with Sony mistakenly announcing Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger for PSN, ESRB has rated two Square-Enix games for the current Sony consoles. While Chrono Cross was released months ago in Japan on their Playstation Network, it has yet to make its way elsewhere. It seems though that the game may just be on its way to other shores.

ESRB has listed Chrono Cross, along with Final Fantasy Origins, as titles for both Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable. In the past when this has happened, its been a good sign of games heading for Playstation Network in North America.


If you don’t remember, Final Fantasy Origins was the Playstation One release of the original Final Fantasy along with Final Fantasy II. This version of Final Fantasy still maintains the games original magic system, though does not include the bonus dungeon that is in the GBA (and PSP) versions. The same is true with Final Fantasy II.

Stay tuned for the hopeful news of these two games and more heading for Playstation Network!


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