Famitsu details Final Fantasy Type-0

In the most recent issue of Famitsu they detailed several things about Final Fantasy Type-0. Check them out below!

New Characters

Diva (VA: Maaya Sakamoto) – The two women in the Type-0 logo.

Caetuna (VA: Marina Inoue) – Type-B Suzaku l’Cie. Specializing in the summoning arts. It is said she could summon any Gunshin. Oriens’ oldest l’Cie, according to name records since the world war 200 years ago.

Ninbus (VA: Junichi Suwabe) – Type-A Byakko l’Cie. Created purely to fulfill the mission or Focus of the Crystal. He has not appeared for nearly 100 years. Uses a laser beam weapon in battle. Able to call for an orbital laser strike on a target.
(Possibly the same orbital laser seen in the Natsubi demo’s Mission 3)

Enkidu (VA: Shotaro Morikubo) – Genbu’s l’Cie. Childhood friend and guide of Gilgamesh. “After repeatedly being scolded by the Consul the other day…” spoken to Gilgamesh. It’s body is completely covered in armor.

Aria (VA: Ai Nonaka) – Class Zero underling, item merchant. Usually obedient, but sometimes cracks.

Naghi (VA: Hirotsugu Shirokuma) – Self-proclaimed idol of everyone. A bandana wearing cadet. Aloof, but part of the Intelligence Team

Carla (VA: Aya Hirano) – A blonde girl who calls herself the Merchant of Flame. Dislikes Class Zero, and thus sells items and information to them at inflated prices. Well-liked by teachers for her brilliance.

Moogles – Known as the Cranberry Knights. Each Moogle represents each class’s characteristics, and dresses accordingly. As each class’s aide, they are closely-related to the summons.


Class Zero: Suzaku uniform
Class One: Blue armor and sword
Class Two: Dragoon
Class Three: Red Mage
Class Four: Geomancer. Red hat and scarf
Class Five: Monk
Class Six: Green/Time Mage
Class Seven: Conjurer wielding a cane
Class Eight: Thief
Class Nine: Ninja
Class Ten: Scholar
Class Eleven: Professor
Class Twelve: Blue Mage

System and More

Gunshin Diablos – Devil Gunshin. Known for his ability to absorb enemy HP. “Dark Collapse” creates a barrier that expands, slowly drawing enemy towards it, much like “Gravity Ball”. “Gravity Ball” increases in damage as the button is hold down, creating a gravity sphere that absorbs enemy HP.

Air Combat Missions – Some missions will involve killing flying dragons using rapid-fire cannons mounted on the airship. There will also be battles on the deck with dragons from one of the dragon knight orders of Concordia.

New Abilities – Acquired and upgraded using AP (Like in the demo)

Machina – “Swordfield” Spins both blades around in a cyclone
Nine – “Throw Javelin” Penetrates enemy defense
Ace – “Laser Cannon” After a short delay, fires lasers at enemies
Queen – “Energy Bomb” Hold down button to enhance power at the cost of HP, causing a huge explosion
Rem – “Boomerang Dagger” Throws dagger like a boomerang. There seems to be a way to control when it returns.

Skirmish – RTS-like mission on world map, where victory conditions must be met. Special missions (the demo’s S.O. which can be achieved through special conditions), upon completion, will grant command of that related mission’s platoon of troops. Mechanized forces are particularly strong.

Arena – Secondary type Combat-training. Runs a gauntlet of 20 mock battles where you can gain experience and draw Phantoma. Experience can still be gained after a character dies. Items still need to be bought, however. There’s apparently a “secret special mission” in which a particular trainee gets experience while the PSP is in sleep mode. This is limited to one person at any time, it seems.


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