Feathered Friends and Air Travel to Finally Arrive in Final Fantasy XIV

The upcoming Patch 1.19 for Final Fantasy XIV (scheduled for later this month) will add the two long-awaited travel options: Chocobo’s and Aiships.


We are pleased to announce that chocobos, those trusty flightless birds, will finally be coming to Eorzea! While upon chocoback, adventurers will be able to freely traverse the land with far greater celerity than is possible with their own two feet.

Personal Mounts

The chocobo whistle item will be introduced, allowing adventurers to call forth their personal mounts while out in the field. These chocobos will boast a speed advantage over their rental counterparts, and all adventurers are wholeheartedly encouraged to aspire to a bird that they can call their own.

Acquiring Your Steed


In order to acquire a personal chocobo, adventurers must:
1) Officially enlist in a Grand Company (achieve a rank higher than recruit).
2) Acquire a chocobo issuance for 3,000 company seals (price subject to change)

3) Speak with the stablemaster NPC representing your Grand Company at one of the locations below to be issued a chocobo and a summoning whistle.
– Isleen: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (7, 5)
– Fruhdhem: Gridania (6, 5)
– Rururaji: Ul’dah Merchant Strip (6, 3)

At the time you acquire your chocobo, you will be given the opportunity to name your new adventuring companion.
* All company chocobos are male.

Calling Your Steed

Your chocobo can be called by using the chocobo whistle via the micro menu.
However, you cannot call your chocobo when:
– Inside a city-state or dungeon.
– Incurring enmity from an enemy.
* No recast time is imposed upon the chocobo whistle.

Future patches will usher in customizable barding along with a system for developing your chocobo. A host of other content is also in the works, including those designed to nurture the bond between man and bird, and adventurers can look forward to a fulfilling and lasting companionship with their chocobos.1188_1

Rental Chocobos

Those who haven’t quite gotten around to acquiring a personal mount, fear not! By paying a fee in gil, you can still avail yourself of rental chocobos for a predetermined duration. Upon confirming payment, you will be taken to an area immediately outside the bounds of the city-state to commence your journey. As mentioned earlier, rental chocobos will not be as swift as personal mounts; however, they will still be a considerable improvement over your own two feet.

Renting a Chocobo

To rent a chocobo, simply speak to one of the NPCs listed below and pay the fee in gil.
– Isleen: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (7, 5)1188_2
– Fruhdhem: Gridania (6, 5)1188_3
– Rururaji: Ul’dah Merchant Strip (6, 3)1188_4
Requirement: Attaining level 10 in any one class.
Fee: 800 gil (subject to change)
Rental duration: 10 minutes (Earth time) (subject to change)
* At the end of ten minutes, you will automatically dismount the chocobo, and the bird will then make its own way back to the stable.
* Both rental fee and duration may change as a result of fine-tuning.

While Riding a Chocobo

The following applies to both rental and personal chocobos:

  • You can be detected by enemies.
  • You can take damage from enemy attacks.
  • Chocobo movement speed may decrease if you are attacked from behind.
  • A chocobo that has incurred too much damage will throw its rider and return to the stable.
  • Players can dismount by clicking the chocobo icon in the micro menu. The chocobo will then return to the stable.
  • The following actions are unavailable while on chocoback:

    Attacking, using actions, casting spells, gathering, crafting, making repairs, using items, talking to NPCs, and targeting aethrytes

  • Chocobos cannot enter certain areas, such as city-states and dungeons.


Airships will be introduced as a new mode of transport between the three city-states. To ride an airship, simply make your way to the airship landing in each nation and pay for your passage in gil. Departure and arrival cutscenes will accompany each flight; the voyage itself, however, will be over in a matter of seconds. In the future, we will make it possible for adventurers to fully savor the experience of flying, taking in the sights and sounds while roaming the decks of their vessels.


Airship Landing Locations

– Limsa Lominsa: Via the Crow’s Lift on both upper and lower deck (7, 5). Select airship landing when prompted.1188_7
– Gridania: Below the Adventurers’ Guild (6, 6).1188_8
– Ul’dah: Via the Wellhead Lift on either the Merchant or Hustings Strip (6, 4). Select airship landing when prompted.1188_9


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