New Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Screenshots

Famitsu has posted a huge batch of new Kingdom Hearts 3D screenshots. Most of the screenshots are from the weekly Famitsu issue, but there’s some more details included.

Weekly Famitsu has said the the game’s Disney worlds will be all new, and the worlds that are returning will feature new areas. We’ve seen this already in the addition of two new districts to Traverse Town, and the addition of Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Dream Eaters will play a central role in the game. They are split into “Spirit” and “Nightmare” types. The spirit types will fight alongside as partners with Sora and Riku, while the nightmare types are your enemy. You can carry two spirit types with you in battle, and Sora and Riku both have different ways of interacting with them.

The game has a collection aspect to find and collect all the Dream Eaters. There are many creatures waiting to be found, though Tetsuya Nomura would not give an exact count when asked in an interview.

Bold actions are one of the main concepts of Kingdom Hearts 3D. You can see Sora and Riku use walls and poles as they run through the stages. Two new systems also come into play for the game’s action component.

  • Free Flow Actions: Press Y when in the vicinity of walls and poles to perform a variety of actions. You can then press A for a Free Flow Action. Some examples include “Kick Dive,” where after kicking off a wall you can target the ground for a powerful attack, and Turn cutter where you swing around a pole and use your keyblade to deal damage to your surroundings.
  • Reality Shift: When you see a special marker on an enemy, press X and A to switch to reality shift mode. The action will freeze, and Sora or Riku will disappear from the top screen and reappear in the bottom screen. While in this state, you can perform a variety of special moves, including Sora’s sling shot.

Traverse town, while previously mentioned as only having two new districts (areas), plays host to Neku from The World Ends With You.




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