Final Fantasy XIV’s Producer to Hold Special Live Event

To celebrate the games one-year anniversary, Naoki Yoshida will be holding a special live “Letter from the Producer” on Youtube. He will be answering questions sent in by players from around the world. Also, the event is planned to be held twice over the course of the next couple months.

The first broadcast will be held tomorrow, October 4th, at 5:00am PDT. There’s no specific date set yet for the second broadcast, but it will be sometime near the end of October and early November.

You will be able to view the live broadcast by accessing the page on Youtube, which you can find here.

To submit a question, you will need to follow the official FFXIV Twitter Account (@FF_XIV_EN) and send a tweet with the hash tag #XIVLive during he broadcast.

The first broadcast will be focused on patch 1.19 and a patch in the near future. There will also be a time for questions about Naoki Yoshida himself.

The second broadcast will be about questions that have surfaced about 1.19 since it was released. There will also be time for questions regarding patch 1.20 and the future of Final Fantasy XIV (Potentially information on the PS3 release).

Questions will be forwarded to Naoki Yoshida and he will try his best to answer as many questions as possible during the live event.

For those unable to view the live broadcast due to its airtime, don’t worry. Details about the event will be posted during its live period on the official Twitter account on the spot. Full details about the show will also be posted on the official forum following the broadcast.


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