Famitsu Talks Moogle Cranberry Knights and More from Final Fantasy Type-0

Only a few weeks remain until the PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0 hits stores in Japan, and Famitsu has even more information on the game!

Diabolos, who is an additional “God of War” that players can control during battle, has a barrier wall ability and a “gravity ball.” As the gravity ball grows, it sucks HP from both your enemies and your allies.

On your airship you get to use a magical cannon which can take out dragons that try to attack you in the skies. Some dragons will land on your ship, which then proceeds into a normal battle.

Type-0’s overworld includes a real-time strategy component which allows you to face off against the Byakko and Souryu armies. During battle, players will receive orders from a moogle which can include things such as defending allied troops and bases or invading an enemy stronghold. Carrying out these orders will reward players with command abilities, which can be used to issue orders to the army.

Famitsu also mentioned an arena-like mode called the Suzaku Coliseum, where players can conduct free practice fights. There are two modes available: Mock Battle and Secret Training. With Mock Battle, you select your desired character and face off against a string of twenty enemies. Defeating them will give you experience and Phantoma points, which will build up your characters magic abilities. With Secret battle, you have an auto training mode where characters will gain experience while your PSP is in sleep mode.

As your characters level up you will receive AP, or Agito Points, which you may use for special abilities. These include such skills as Ace’s “Cannon Laser” which remains in place even after you’ve mode, or Nine’s “Throw Lancer” which allows him to target enemies with lance targets. Queen’s “Energy Bomb” ability allows her to create a magic pattern on the ground, which will explode and deal damage to all enemies within the perimeter (by holding onto a button, you may increase the strength of the blast). Sword Field will have Machina summon two rapiers of lights, and when he moves around the lights spin and deal damage to nearby enemies. Boomerang Dagger has Rem tossing her daggers repeatedly at enemies, with them returning to her like a boomerang.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is due out in Japan October 27, 2011.


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