Final Fantasy Type-0 TGS 2011 Trailer Translation

The extended Type-0 Trailer from this years Tokyo Game Show has recently made it out to the public. The trailer is in Japanese, however, but someone at the Gamespot forums has kindly translated the entire thing into English. Warning, this is very filled with spoilers, so if you are trying to avoid them, I’d advise not continuing to read.

Diva: Behold the world named “Orience”
Revolving within a spiral
A world awaiting “AGITO”

Narration: The Milites Empire, in command of the Byakko Peristylium,
Commence an invasion of the neighboring country, Rubrum
Among the invaders were the revered L’Cie

Cid: This is not the end (This is not the beginning of the end)
What we have brought forth is but the first of our ambitions.

Zhuyu: Setsuna, long time.
K-Tuna: Can you not feel it?
Zhuyu: Feel what?
K-Tuna: The Flow of Fate.

Cater: Let’s go! Back to the mission, we’ll boot those guys off our turf!
Nine: Aa? So we’ll be okay without the support of L’Cie?
Sice: Silence! You guys have no other options.
King: The land of Milites is barren, and suffers from chronic famine
Deuce: It’s a big sacrifice, but if we hold our ground then Suzaku can be victorious
Cinque: Weeell, Trey’s cynicism can be a problem
Rem: Hypothetically speaking…maybe nobody will remember me when I’m gone…
Trey: Well we all must part with the memories of the dead. (we all eventually forget)
Machina: You guys save me and yet…you killed my brother!
Ace: You can blame us all you want, it won’t bring Izana back!
Queen: We don’t have the luxury to keep worrying about the past
Seven: On the final page, we will have to choose…huh?
Jack: Amusing huh, it’s just the young cadets like us who are willing to protect this world.
Eight: In any case, we don’t really have any other choice, do we?

Khalia: Let us trust in the Crystal’s blessing.
council 1: We must admit that they are responsible for the deterioration of our situation…
council 2: There’s no doubt the problem lies with Class Zero
council 3: We’ll use L’Cie to discipline them, then!
council 4: Such punishment is forbidden, you know that!

Naghi: Looks like we’re in a bit of trouble, huh?
Ryid: I want to protect someone until the end, as their shield.
Carla: Ether recommended!…just 70,000 gil a piece
Mutsuki: You came just to tease me huh, didn’t you!
Quon: Is it alright if I join you?
Aria: I heard you didn’t really want to help me out!
Moogle: Some people call me Mog, kupo!
Kazusa: Augh! Can you not sneak up on me like that?
Emina: If you have the time, come and see me, okay? I’ll be waiting
Izana : So you intend to give me a “chance?”
Andoria: There are some futures that cannot be forged through just fighting
Celestia: From here, this road will lead to death
King of Concordia: Launch it now! Make the people of Suzaku pay!
Yuuzuki: I’m not supposed to die yet…!
Qun’Mi: Bloody hell…Where is that rat?
Gilgamesh: Who am I? I don’t know.
Qator: Your ideas could shatter a kingdom.
Ninbus: I can sense the crystal is acting up.
Kurasame: I won’t forgive you if you simply die.

Arecia: So…the time has come.

Aria: Run away! Kurasame has…The Director!…
Celestia: Go forth!
Deuce: Don’t!

Nine: That…is a Suzaku L’Cie.
Machina: Give me…the power of L’Cie!
K-Tuna: No matter what you do, thou must choose whether or not ye’ll respect the Crystal’s Purpose
Zhuyu: This is a mission bestowed upon L’Cie.
Ninbus: Still, don’t forfeit your dignity
Arecia: Please teach me…All about you…About my children…
Kurasame: Suzaku….the Crystal’s…!

Rem: Machina…
Machina: Rem!..I’m here, so..!
Rem: Please don’t…forget about me…


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