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Square-Enix shows interest in PSP Remasters

During a Final Fantasy XIII-2 interview, Toriyama brought up about Sony’s recently announced PSP Remaster series. While there are no concrete details yet, this could certainly lift fan’s spirits.

What this basically entails is PSP games being “remastered” for play on the PS3, but you can still transfer your saves over to your PSP to play there as well (If I remember the initial press release on the announcement correctly). For Square-Enix this would mean bringing games such as Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Duodecim) to the PS3 (Other games could include Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep).

Again, there are no concrete details at this time, and Toriyama stated that Square-Enix’s main focus is currently on Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Type-0 at this time. If they do end up bringing some of their PSP games to the PSP Remaster series, you can be sure fans will be excited!