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Final Fantasy Type-0 Takes Over Dengeki Playstation’s Cover

Square-Enix’s upcoming game Final Fantasy Type-0 is currently being featured on the cover of the newest issue of Dengeki Magazine. It features some brand new artwork from the game. The issue contains some new information on the game, along with some bits of information on Final Fantasy XIII-2 from the development team.

Check out the cover below!



Chrono Cross (Finally) Lands on Japanese PSN

Months ago, Chrono Cross was announced for release on the Japanese Playstation Store. With all the hackings and downtime regarding Playstation Network, the Japanese Store has finally reopened its doors (more than a month after North America and Europe had their re-openings). Along with the Welcome Back package for the region, the opening came with a sizeable content update… Including the release of the Playstation Classic, Chrono Cross.

While not yet available elsewhere, those who want to play it now (and in Japanese), can purchase it off the Japanese PSN Store for 800 Yen. Hopefully, though, it’ll come to North America and Europe soon!


Want Final Fantasy HD Collections? Well…

During this years E3, Yoshinori Kitase was in attendance. Among many questions he was asked included a question from regarding FF HD Collections… The answer isn’t really a surprise, but yet it is since you’d think the fans would have shown their support by now.

“We haven’t made up our mind about that yet,” said Kitase, “but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”

This would pretty much indicate that the best way to let Square-Enix know that the fans want HD collections is by the power of Social Media. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Tidus and Yuna’s infamous laughing scene in HD?! Or say, Yuna dancing in Real Emotion in HD… Okay, okay.

Ways to let Square-Enix know that the fan demand IS there for these collections:


Final Fantasy III (VI) Hits Wii’s Virtual Console!

In the last update to Wii’s Virutal Console, a Square-Enix (Squaresoft) classic joins the ranks of many other great games. These include Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II (IV), numerous Mario and Zelda games, and many more! That’s right, Final Fantasy III (VI) has finally made it to Virtual Console for the expected price of 800 Wii Points.

You can pick up the classic now!


Square-Enix posts TGS Trailers

Well, some TGS trailers have finally made their official posting from Square. Included among their first batch are Re: Coded, Dissidia, and SaGa 3, although Versus and Agito XIII have yet to be seen. You can find links to all the official sites for the trailers below!




Just as a note, unless Square-Enix posts the videos on their YouTube page, I won’t link them directly. Enjoy them (when they appear!) on the official sites for the games.

PSN Store Updated! Relive FFIX Today!

The final (Numbered) Playstation Final Fantasy has officially been released on North America PSN! Go pick it up today for $9.99!