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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Test Play Official Site Opens Tomorrow

AKB48’s Yuko Oshima is the official test player for Final Fantasy XIII-2. A brief overview of the commercials is available here. Square-Enix has also opened the official test page for her commercials, which begin on October 15th. You can check out the test page here.

There currently isn’t much to see yet, but that should change soon.


New York Comic Con Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer, Now in Japanese

The recently released New York Comic Con trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released for Japan, and has been dubbed the “Final Trailer”. The trailer is the same as the English counterpart, with the only difference being separate PS3 and Xbox 360 trailers.

You can check out the trailers in Japanese here!

Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report Episode 2 is Now Available

A couple weeks ago, Square-Enix released part 1 of 6 of the “Lost Episodes” of Final Fantasy XIII. These Lost Episodes recap the story of the first game.

Part 2 has been released today, continuing the story of how Lightning and company began their journey. Check it out below!


New York Comic Con Brings a New Trailer and Screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square-Enix has released a new seven minute trailer for New York Comic Con! Warning, if you haven’t finished the original game yet, it is a bit spoilerish for the ending of XIII.


Two New Scans from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Type-0

Dengeki has shared a few teaser pictures from its recent articles on two of Square-Enix’s games. This is most likely a preview of what will be an official update from Square-Enix later this week.

Check them out below! The images have been increased by some from their original size, so they may seem a bit blurry.



Also, a recent issue of Jump featured an artwork of Snow seen in the Dengeki article, along with one of the images showing Snow and Serah.



Chinese Version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced

The upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 was recently announced for release in China with Chinese/English subtitles and Japanese voices. The announcement comes from Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan, who also mentioned that it would launch on January 31, 2012 – The same day as North America.

Something similar was announced last year for Final Fantasy XIII. This basically means that you will be able to use save data from other regions with this version, though DLC from outside regions may not be compatible with it.

SCET also said that the normal English version will also be available on January 31, 2012. They will also see the release of the Japanese version in South Asia on the proper release date, December 15, 2011.

A Chinese language version trailer will be available on the Playstation Store today as well.


Dengeki talks Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Systems and DLC

Dengeki Playstation recently covered a few bits of new information regarding Downloadable Content and new gameplay systems for the upcoming game.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be receiving more add-on content than previously though. Speaking in an interview with Dengeki Playstation, Kitase outlined tentative DLC plans. They essentially hope to release at least two updates containing several pieces of content every month from release. Kitase couldn’t comment on price yet, but said that there will be a fair balance between quality and cost that will appeal to fans.

In addition to costumes and weapons, Kitase says there will also be cases where you purchase a monster that, once defeated, will net you a new item or weapon. In the sense, some “gameplay” DLC is involved.

We’ve already learned that DLC costumes will show up in the games real time cutscenes. Kitase elaborated on this even further, saying that weapons should as well. It’s something they’re currently finalizing as a team.

This interview applies to the Japanese market, though it will likely apply to the overseas versions as well.

As far as Gameplay systems go, they told us the names of two new systems being added: Summon Raid and Synchro Drive.

Summon Raid is basically the monster hunting/capturing component of the game. In battles, a certain percentage of defeated monsters will turn into crystals once you defeat them. This percentage is dependent on the type of monster.

Summon Raid can hold up to three monsters, each with a specific role (such as Commando, Ravager, Medic, etc). When you shift Paradigms in battle, monsters will automatically switch with you depending on said roles.

Synchro Drive is a special move set for captured monsters. When you build this gauge up in battle under certain conditions, it allows you to trigger a powerful attack. This is usually carried out by a sequence of quick time button presses.

Dengeki also touched on a couple of new story details. Snow and Serah haven’t gotten married yet, and since the end of Final Fantasy XIII, they’ve lived together for two years. Main antagonist Caius is said to be the strongest Final Fantasy villian in the series. The girl you see following him around in the recent trailers is Yeul.