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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese E3 Trailer

Almost 2 months after the event, Square-Enix has released the E3 trailer with full Japanese voices. It is the same trailer as was seen at E3, but enjoy regardless!

For those who wish to view the English Trailer, please check below!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available this December in Japan, and January, 2012 in North America!


Final Fantasy XIV Chat Log Updates Coming Soon

Square-Enix posted a forum post about projected updates for Final Fantasy XIV’s Chat Log for version 1.18a. Note that these updates are subject to change as they are still under development.

  • The log will automatically be hidden at the following times:
    • during event cutscenes
    • while the main map is open

    * The log will remain if a tab is active when a cutscene begins or the main map is opened.

  • Once hidden, the log will reappear at the following times:
    • an Open chat prompt command is input (Space bar, slash (/) key, Ctrl+S, etc.)
    • Configuration » Chat Log appears in the active log tab. (This does not apply when the active tab is the battle tab.)

    * The log will be hidden after being inactive for a period of 5 seconds.

  • Default log settings will be changed to the following:
    • Two logs will be displayed. The second tab of the first log will be inactive, and the first tab of the second log will be active.
    • Log size will be adjusted.
    • Log transparency will be adjusted.

    * The above settings are applied whenever the game is launched, or upon selecting the Restore Defaults option under Configuration » Chat Log.
    * The above settings are not applied when saved log configuration data is present.

Huge Batch of New Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshot

Square-Enix has recently released a huge batch of new Final Fantasy Type-0 screenshots and artwork. The pictures showcase the menu, battle system, Crystarium, Shiva, and a few other things. Check them out below!




Preview a New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Track

Keiji Kawamori, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2′s synth programmer, updated the Square-Enix Music Blog today with a few words and images on the game’s recording sessions.  They also included in this blog a direct feed of the track they played for the game at Japan Expo. You can either view it on their website, or download here! (Right click and select “Save As”)

Update: You can also now listen to the track directly on the Official Site!


Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Goes Easy Mode

Patch 1.01 for Final Fantasy XIII was released today for the Japanese PS3 version (Note: Any other Asian version or English version will not receive this patch). This patch introduces “Easy Mode” which was added to the International version (Xbox360 Japanese version). Easy Mode allows you to deal more damage when an enemy enters Break (Stagger) and drop rates are increased. If you are still lacking the Platinum Trophy and own the Japanese version, now would definitely be a highly suggested time to go get it! The patch is around 48MB large.

This patch will allow you to either start a new game with your desired battle setting (Normal or Easy) or load up an old save and change it in the Configuration menu.

Credit to Nova_Crystallis for this information!

Comic-Con Day 0: Preview Day

Today was the preview day for the San Diego Comic-Con and Square-Enix shared a bunch of pictures from it including Word To Your Moogle and Final Fantasy XIII-2 Play Arts. Check out the images below. Also, Preview Day’s word for Word To Your Moogle: Datalog! Winners got shirts and signed copies of the game!



Final Fantasy Type-0 Hits Japan This October

Square-Enix announced tonight that the PSP title will hit Japanese shelves October 13, 2011. Along with this announcement they released a trailer showing off the game.